Technology Empowering Exchange at Primary Education Level

From time to time I’ve come across articles extolling the virtues of ePals and other similar websites that enable students and whole classes to hook up online with classes of similar age students anywhere in the world. So, I really enjoyed coming across this article that gives a flavour of such an online exchange for Class 5 students in a school in North Carolina, US;

South Charlotte News Article – ePals

I can’t help hoping that over the next few years, as we give more and more children around the world the chance for genuine open exchange and communication with children in other parts of the world, there is the scope to reduce the amount of hatred, misunderstanding and prejudice – which can only be to the benefit of all.


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  1. Thank you again for an engaging and thought provoking article.I couldn’t help but think how useful it would be for students in India itself who belong to a privileged strata of society connect with their counterparts here, in the same country, within the same city itself (perhaps!) and take the learning process from right there. It would surprise, maybe even be a revelation for children- the vast chasm that exists between them and their peers and the need for them to be sensitized to their own fellow citizens, their needs, their limitations and inbibe the wealth of knowledge ranging from survival skills (being just one of the aspects they might learn /be stimulated to think about )to cultural and socio-economic differences, similarities – the list is endless.
    On a global perspective- it’s fascinating what technology has given the children of the world – In increasing awareness of children their age in different parts of the globe-from a first hand experience-it can cause to make the world a better place to live in- as citizens of ‘One World’!

    Best wishes,

    Guneet Aga

    • Actually, I’m pleased to say that is an area in which we can claim some success. For a few years now students from the IB Programme and Class 9 at phase III campus have been engaging regularly with the children from the Balwadi that uses the premises there in the afternoons.

      Senior students from Aravali have been involved for the last couple of years with work at the Vidya Comfort school and a school in Delhi.

      Junior classes have invited in children from Happy School and engaged with others as part of the annual ‘Design for Change’ initiative.

      Also, recently senior students from both Aravali and Phase III have been joining in to play a part in our foundation’s project with government schools in the Mewat District.

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