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Citizenship, parenting and education that genuinely prepares young people for the Twenty First Century. My presentation at Rex Conclive 2012:

Gulf News – Article Number One

Following my interview, published a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to write a series of 7 weekly articles for the Gulf News newspaper Education Supplement looking at various aspects related to education today.

The first of those articles was published today. Here it is. I would love to hear what people think, reflections on the issues I’ve raised and what we do about them. From the second article onwards, I have been requested to tailor them specifically to older students (Class 9 and upwards), so that will reflect in the content of the other articles.

To read this, you will need to right click on the attachments, download them and then they should be readable:

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As the world contemplates a future without Madiba, I had the urge to share one of my all time favourite quotes attributed to him. it’s not a political quote, rather, to me it’s one that goes to the root of what it means to live a meaningful life:

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”
– Nelson Mandela

Here’s to the life you’re capable of and here’s to every educator who works actively to inspire young people to look for their capability, then strive to live up to it.

Gulf News Interview

Here’s my interview that appeared in yesterday’s Gulf News, Education supplement. This is to be followed by seven articles over coming weeks that will generally be targeted at students of Class 9 and above and their parents:




Brain Science – Impact for Educators

Here’s an interesting video from TedXBoston;

Watching it got me thinking about how the ‘learning industry (what education should be) is going to need to recalibrate and rethink how it does what it does. Of course, those who are more focused on teaching than learning won’t feel the need to take any notice of this stuff for at least 20 years!

A big part of what goes on in classrooms, especially at the lower levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning is totally tied to how we remember things, how the brain marshals and organises memories and how those memories are achieved (especially when undergoing summative assessments). Science is potentially getting closer to an ability to enable people to organise their memories/ learning in a wilful, deliberate way. This would eliminate a big part of the ‘chance’ element about which students succeed and which fail in the memorising game of school.

Of course, there are many moral and ethical debates that will come up related to this stuff, but i believe there are already ethical issues about education systems that label people for future success on the random chance of whether their brain’s ‘wiring’ happens to work well or badly with the one-size-fits-all delivery of learning material in schools.

Interesting times.

Yep, Just Like That

Sharing this morning an amusing cartoon strip about how life can be for us tall people – the long streaks!

Mashable – Cartoon Strip – Pros and Cons of Being Tall

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