Advice on Implementing the Flipped Classroom

Here are some interesting thoughts from an Edutopia blog post that stress that the flipped model is not a panacea for all educational ills, but does have real value if implemented in the right way;

Edutopia Blog Post


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  1. A fresh medium of instruction.At the sane time, as you correctly put it, ‘the Flipped Classroom is not a panacea for all educational ills’.
    Thinking about the’ best – fit solution’ dependent on varied factors from the targeted age group, motivation to work from home to initiate learning(as I understand the Flipped Classroom Model)-a host of facets are to be considered.
    Teaching is so full of the unexpected. Planning is often sacrificed to meet with a changed situation of which the list is endless! It could be the weather, mood of the children or a sudden bright comment from a child that sparks a variant line of thought!
    It’s marvellous to delve into systems(and be exposed to- read about- attend workshops-) systems that worked successfully and apply it (if possible) to one’s own methodology. Variety in the medium , methodology and style of instruction always brings out the best in students and speaking of myself-teachers.

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