English children among the unhappiest in the world at school due to bullying

English children among the unhappiest in the world at school due to bullying


A very sad reflection on an education system that pays inadequate attention to empathy,  inclusion and EQ.

In the meantime,  what’s important to the government is issuing instructions about building schools with straight lines and no curves and using cheaper materials.

Are You Rich? No Need to Apologize – Bloomberg View


In defence of capitalism,  success and the positive impact of human competition.

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One Teacher’s Experience of Flipping the Classroom – SmartBlogs


One teacher shares his experiences of using the flipped learning model in his classroom.

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Rebellious kids grow up to out-earn rule-followers – Quartz


Do nice guys finish last?

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Childism at the Tate

Here’s a great article written by a great friend, Dr Sue Lyle, educator from Wales, UK. I would urge parents and teachers to read it with an open mind, maybe a couple of times.

Blogger Post – Childism at the Tate

It’s deeply insightful in its own right as an examination of the actions and motivations of a teacher whilst interacting with a class of students on a field trip. However, I believe it also offers thoughtful contemplation on how much or how little attention we may pay to our interactions with children, the methods we use to communicate with them and what those say about the reality of their rights.

Internet Safety

Do you know how many different apps or websites for which you have a password?

No, nor me – but it’s a lot.

It’s a strange thing that most people have heard at least some horror stories of how another person’s privacy, finances or even their very identity online has been abused or invaded by wrongdoers. There’s no question that the anonymity and secrecy of the internet attracts a lot of people with very bad motives. Also, when they commit their crimes knowing that the victim(s) are people they will never look in the eye – there’s all the scope for a lot of bad to happen.

And yet, most people are incredibly cavalier about their security and safety in this potentially risky environment. Maybe even worse, whilst they act anxiously about their children’s safety in the ‘real world’ they pay little heed to where their children are or what they’re doing in the virtual world.

This is an interesting article that takes an in depth exploration of what cyber experts do different to lay people when it comes to protecting and defending themselves online.

I’m pretty certain that everyone reading this will take away some valuable advice that they can apply to be safer online. Also, we all need to ensure that we’re applying these for our children, and teaching them the reasons so that they practice safe internet use as they get older;

Guardian – 7 Things Security Experts Do To Keep Safe Online

Every Child Unique

It was around 6 or 7 years ago when I talked (and wrote) about the lessons that so called ‘mainstream’ teachers could learn from those who taught children categorized as ‘special needs’. The big take-away I argued was that they already worked out of a paradigm of seeing and treating each child as an individual, meeting their learning needs individualistically instead of as batched cohorts.

One question I was asking was, “Why can’t every single child in a school have an Individual Learning Plan, like the SEN kids?”. I also suggested that as we embrace technology in the education domain this becomes more and more possible, more practical and doable.

So, I’m particularly pleased whenever I come across evidence that progress is being made in this direction – that, however slowly, things are happening. Here’s a nice article in which the writer advocates for the kind of design of schools that enables personalization of experience for every student;

Nobody is average, every student deserves personalized learning

Here also is Todd Rose’s TED talk on the Myth of Average:

The article also provides some great links to other articles and materials to broaden knowledge and understanding in this area.


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