Karamveer Chakra Winners

In our opinion, every Shri Ramite is a winner – but then we might be accused of being a bit biased.

However, here are some pictures of some true winners from the TSRS family. This week the i-Congo organisation held its annual awards function, recognising change makers in the society. This year saw a double celebration for the school. Firstly, Mrs Bharat Ram was recognised for her contributions to education.

Then, a group of our environmentally aware students were recognised with the Karamveer Chakra award for their selfless dedication to spreading environmental awareness and especially for their involvement in the Tiger Task Force and the projects to help the Ranthambore tribals to move away from poaching.

We’re really proud of these model citizen students who are making such a difference under the inspirational guidance of their teacher, Ms Madhu Bhatnagar.

Art Workshop – Tracy Lee Stum

Recently, a number of students (classes 9 to 12) from the Senior School had the opportunity to attend a fascinating workshop with the renowned American street artist, Tracy Lee Stum.

Kids and Media

This was an interesting, but very scary article from last week’s India Today about the current trends of children and media.

I wish more parents took these matters seriously. For one thing, it would make life a little easier for those of us parents who do care. There are few things harder to deal with than a child with a sense of injustice because they believe that all the other children are getting access to something that you’re not letting them access.

India Today article

An Inconvenient Truth for Education

There’s a full length feature film on the way from Sir David Puttnam that promises to make waves in Education, the way that ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, the Al Gore movie did for Environmental awareness.

A trailer from that film has been released and is, justifiably, starting to get increasing attention.

Sir David is also promoting a new international, UK-based organisation called ‘The Curriculum Foundation’. This is an exciting initiative that aims to rethink the kind of schools we offer to young people today.

This was something i talked about in Lucknow. In seeking to reform the Indian schools and the education delivered in them, we must be bold and ready to ensure that what we produce is right for the twenty first century – not some misguided idea to reproduce the same old schools of the past, and then think that we will reform from there. India has the chance to produce something unique and lead the world, being less saddled with legacy systems and entrenched ways of doing things. The Indian IT and BPO industries have shown what is possible when working from such a position.

I believe it’s time we engage in a debate with all people taking part (not just the educators) on what a 21st Century Curriculum for India should look like. The one given, in my view, is that it should focus on the skills and competencies to be developed and not the knowledge to be accumulated. We have to acknowledge that we don’t even know precisely what knowledge a young person will need to have 10 years from now and certainly not beyond that.

Check out the film trailer – I think it’s quite inspiring, exciting and can be a real trigger for meaningful change. I can’t wait for the release of the full length film. We are the people we’ve been waiting for……….:

Vidya Comfort New School

For those who read the earlier blog about the SUPW pilot project, will know this is happening at the new Vidya Comfort School in Phase III, Gurgaon.

Yesterday evening, just back from Lucknow I had the opportunity to attend the Inauguration of the school coupled with Vidya’s celebration of 25years since its founding. Guest of Honour was Mr Salman Khurshid and our good friend Rajesh Khullar, Municipal Commissioner of Gurgaon was also present.

The students, mostly from the bridge programmes in Delhi put up a dance show and there’s only one word to adequately describe it – WOW!! To think that many of these students have returned to education after dropping out! They had great choreography, energy, an incredibly high standard and sheer joy in what they were doing. The audience rightly gave the children a standing ovation at the end of the performance.

Vidya has interesting times ahead as it moves from old ways of working to running its own school. However, they have a passionate, dedicated team under the visionary leadership of Mrs Rashmi Mishra and i’m sure that the school will become a beacon for what can be achieved in terms of education for those coming from less-privileged backgrounds. I wish them all the best and assure that where we can help we will be there for them.

Resource for Teachers

I came across this link and thought it was worth sharing as a great resource for teachers to tap in to:

Awesome Library

Lucknow Management Association

I was privileged to be invited to speak on friday amongst a formidable array of experts in the education field at a one-day conference at the Lucknow Management Association, entitled “Leveraging the Demographic Dividend Through Quality Education – The way Forward”.

Whilst there was a lot of good deliberation and a fair amount of consensus on the need for change, the areas that need attention etc. it was probably a bit light on the way forward.

It was a great networking opportunity and i certainly met some fascinating people with whom i will look to collaborate for the school in the future.

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