The Teacher in the 21st Century

Here’s an interesting article exploring the changing role and increased importance of the teacher and the processes of teaching to bring about the changes required in education to make it adequately relevant in the 21st Century.

A changed world requires a changed perspective on what teachers do and how they do it – and this isn’t just about tweaking things a little here and there.

Teachers Net Gazette article
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Manipulated Children

Here’s a really good article from Mint, forwarded to me today, that focuses on how quickly children in India are falling in to the ‘consumption trap’ of obsession with brands. Sadly, as the article hints at, but doesn’t quite come out and say children are ready prey for this partly because their parents are guilty of defining their identity and self-worth on the basis of possession, consumption and spending power;

Mint Article

In my opinion, this can never be a healthy state of affairs, but will ultimately result in a great deal of misery and sadness in the society.

I believe today three of the most valuable questions people can be asking themselves are;

1) If I lost everything i possess today how would the people i call friends view me/ behave towards me?
2) In those circumstances how would my family members view me/ behave towards me?
3) In those circumstances what would i perceive of myself/ my worth in the world?

Mission Julley Update

The Phase III Mission Julley team are in Ladakh now and have just sent back pictures as they have started distributing the materials and meeting up with people in the schools identified for help:

Mission Julley on Facebook

The pictures came back via a Jet Airways flight, arranged by the amazing Captain Archana, an Aravali parent for whom nothing has been too much trouble.

Great going folks.

21st Century Learning

New Brunswick, is on to something with this video in my view. I want to see all of us, educators, parents, business people, entrepreneurs, employers, students engaging in debates about what high quality education for India in the 21st Century will look like (instead of all those tired debates about percentage cut-offs, quotas and semesters)

Here’s a further contribution to the debate – a presentation made in 2007 that has had an impact on millions of people around the world already.

Join the debate.

Cyber safety

Here’s a useful resource from Microsoft – a downloadable ebook about online safety for teens:

Microsoft Download

Substance or Appearance?

In January this year, and again in June I wrote articles here on this blog about the reasons why interactive white boards don’t impress me and – I’d even go as far as to say, have no place in a genuine Indian classroom:

January 2010 article
June 2010 article

Well, now, here are some of the most actively read and followed blogs in the education field in the US now saying essentially the same things as I was saying then in criticism for these products;

The Innovative Educator on whiteboards

When one sees the cost of these boards, I believe there’s no effective place for them in Indian schools. If even a fraction of the money spent on them went instead on teacher training and development it would be far better invested. Regrettably, in far too many places their presence is more about marketing and creating a ‘wow’ to impress parents than the substance of really providing a first rate, modern, twenty first century child-centric education.

For the sake of children more of our schools have to be about substance, not appearance.


So, could you swim 21 miles (34 km)? How about doing it in the sea with waves and currents to contend with? Now, how about doing it if you had no arms or legs. When i saw this story it blew me away – just had to share it.

What could any of us do, with the power, energy and determination of this man, Phillippe Croizon.

BBC Report

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