A Depressing Read

If we’re all running in the same direction – does that automatically mean that we’re running in the right direction? Does it make a difference if that direction is the easier downhill, rather than the troublesome, effort-requiring uphill?

How quickly would trust erode, if doctors prescribed what their patients thought they wanted, instead of what their professional judgement, learning and experience says the patients should have?

Reading the following news report from the Chennai edition of TOI, nobody should wonder why educators no longer hold a preeminent position of trust and status in the society today, or why all private schools can so easily be portrayed by the government as self-serving, profiteering and untrustworthy.

It shows that the hurdles in front of us if we are to create an education system in India that is truly for the twenty first century are many. As far as I’m concerned – that just means we have to be even more determined, less tolerant of those who care more for an easy life mired in outdated ways and more resolute in educating educators, school owners and promoters and parents, business people and the wider community about why and how education for the new century must be something different if we are not to fail our children and the country.

Times of India – Chennai – article

Devanshu in Vladivostok

All in TSRS are right now very proud that we and the country are being represented by Devanshu Sood, Class XI, Phase III Campus in Vladivostok. He’s there as one of two chosen Youth Tiger Ambassadors chosen by WWF-India for the Youth Tiger Summit.

Here’s a link to the blog of Devanshu and his fellow ambassador, giving interesting insights in to their experiences in Russia:

Devanshu’s Blog

Below is a picture from the official launch for the ambassadors before they left India, and below that a BBC link to the story as the ‘big guns’ come together to get some material progress in saving this iconic animal. If the world fails to save the tiger, then no species is really safe.

BBC Article

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