Here’s a really thought provoking piece about the vital need to lead with courage. It applies, in my view, to any situation where we are in a leadership role with a duty to the people we lead and other stakeholders.

Leadership Freak article

To be the best we can be as leaders, introspection and reflection on our beliefs and our behaviours is critical if we are to put ourselves on a path of continuous learning. We must all see ourselves as ‘a work in progress’.

Measuring Performance of Schools & Teachers

I’ve carried a few articles already here on the blog, particularly about what’s happening in the US with regard to the strong drive to be able to measure and report performance of schools and individual teachers.

Here’s an article relating to the UK response to the same issue and some of the differing opinions about the route being taken.

BBC Article

I would share the concern that paper qualifications is pretty meaningless information. My guess is that there’s a far higher proportion of masters and even PhD holders in Indian schools than British ones, but that tells us nothing about relative quality of teaching delivered.

I certainly get concerned when the perceived need for checking/ monitoring of schools or teachers leads to testing of children that has little or nothing positive to add to their process of learning and development.

Plainly this is a debate that will continue to run.

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