Passion to Change Lives Through Education

Donovan Livingstone - remember that name because I think we're going to hear a lot more from him. And, on behalf of every educator thank you to this inspiring young man for his eloquent, passionate sharing of what matters in our work.

This Harvard Graduate School of Education Student Speech is well worth 6 minutes of anyone's day. He begins by quoting Horace Mann in 1848 talking of education's power to equalise opportunity, but goes on to highlight at the time if he had learned to read or write, as a black man, that would have been deemed a crime. He goes on to talk of today, when blacks and other minorities are treated as a kind of 'quota' in education. However, as he goes on to talk about the role of education and what it means to educate his message applies to every single student regardless of colour, religion or background.

Eloquently presented through spoken word poetry Donovan's words reach out to every educator to remain connected to the importance of the work we do, the opportunity it presents us to impact the life of a child and to contribute to the possibility for them to fulfil their infinite potential.

The sky is not the limit, it is only the beginning. Lift off.