Reaching For Amazing


I’ve come to the end of sharing the series of articles that i wrote for Gulf News 6 years ago. The seventh and final piece was one in which I tied together issues which i believe are critical for the future welfare of students, especially in an Asian context;

a) The increasingly rapid commoditization of jobs that require relatively low skill levels and the increasing degree to which AI will compete with Asian workers for these roles, and
b) What some are calling the existential vacuum – the critical factor that young people need to find life meaningful and purposeful in order to gain satisfaction or even happiness from life.

My conclusion was that we only reconcile these two issues through setting out to do amazing work, stretching ourselves and aiming high.

gulfnews-article 7-06102013
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Creativity in the Classroom

Scienceblogs Article

Here’s a really interesting piece written by one of the editors of Wired magazine (well worth reading the comments of readers as well as the original piece). It causes each and every one of us, as educators, to question what it is we really ‘want’ in our classrooms when we talk about wanting creativity and creative students.

The article is very right when it talks about the extent to which so many creative processes are actually opposed to what most teachers want children to be doing most of the time. Imagine most teachers’ reactions if at the end of a 30 minute (or 1 hour) art class a child presented a blank piece of paper and said, “I had a lot of ideas, but wasn’t ready to put them on paper yet.”

Or, is it that we owe it to children to help them to build the flexibility to be creative at some times and conscientious at others – to know that to exist in the world with others there’s ‘a time to reap and a time to sow’ – spend as much of the right time as you like germinating ideas, but when it’s time to get the harvest in, then we have to get on with it.

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