Subroto Cup – Update, Tuesday 13th October

At last, on Sunday afternoon my schedule enabled me to get along to a match. The TSRS boys knew it was going to be a challenging game as they were up against Uttarakhand who have had a good tournament so far and are clearly a very good team.

There was some confusion over the kick off time, meaning the boys had a long wait before the game. Maybe this unsettled them as the start saw them playing rather hesitantly, holding back from their tackles and allowing the opponents the luxury of space down the wings.

The result was few chances on goal of our own and two goals conceded. The effort put in to the 5-1 victory the day before seemed to be showing on some of the team with some tired legs in evidence.

With some fresh players injected the second half saw a very different game. The boys tackled their hearts out, wrestled control of the midfield and had the majority of possession. Sadly, though coming close a few times, they weren’t able to convert this better performance in to goals. So, result 2-0 against a very good team who pretty much live for their soccer.

This afternoon the boys should benefit from a rest day yesterday as they take on the Sainik School. Kick off at 4.15pm at Mount St Mary School, Delhi Cant.

If you have the chance, please go along to support the boys.

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