Soccer League 2011

It’s that time of the year again. There’s a nip in the air (the civic authorities appear to think it’s a bit more than a nip and as they’re the experts on everything, who am I to argue?), a little mist in the early morning. Yet, 480 children are ready to leap out of bed on weekend mornings, don sports kit and head for school!!

Yes, the soccer league is here again, and kicking off this weekend. The excitement will build over the next 10 weeks. The popularity of the league grows year by year. This year sees the attendance numbers rise by another 20.

Before the league gets under way I would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all the parents who make this possible. Also, all the games staff for putting together the logistics and overseeing the matches on the day. The administration, support staff, groundsmen and housekeeping staff work tirelessly in the background to make sure everything works.

The details are on the school website, but i thought it useful to put them here as well. Firstly, a letter from Harish Sharma of the Vasant Vihar campus PE staff who is coordinating the team this year. Then, below you’ll find downloadable PDF’s of the team and fixture lists.

I’m looking forward to seeing some great games, bags of team spirit and sportsmanship and 480 children revelling in the sheer pleasure of participation. See you there.

Shri Soccer League Details 2010-2011

The Shri Ram School
Moulsari Avenue, Phase-III

January 6, 2011

Dear Parents,


The Shri Soccer League is set to kick off on 9th January, 2011. Students from class 2 to class 9 are eagerly waiting to display their skills. A total of 480 students from all the three Shri Ram schools and other schools across the NCR will represent 46 teams vying for the honours of not just winning but taking part in the league. Nothing excites children more than their parents and their family friends watching them perform. So leave everything you are doing and keep your date with the Shri Soccer League.

β€’ Full schedule of matches and teams are attached for your reference.

β€’ Kit Distribution will be on Saturday between 9.30am to 12.30pm, at the Moulsari Campus,DLF Phase-III.

β€’ Team Mangers and Team Parents are requested to come for a short briefing to Moulsari, on Saturday 8th January at 8.30am.

β€’ For any clarification Please contact the following coaches:

Keshav Dutt – Sr.School, Phase-III – 9891297802
Umed Bisht – Aravali – 9350180611
Harish Sharma – Vasant Vihar – 9899779402

Looking forward to seeing you at the grounds.

Harish Sharma
League Coordinator


Soccer League – Week 4

This week saw some high scoring games. Players are now getting to know their team mates better, their strengths, best positions on the field etc. and teams are beginning to work out some strategies and tactics. We should see the standard of games improving over the next few weeks. This week saw some very high scoring games:


Day – 4: (7th February 2010)
Classes : 2 & 3

Match – 1 : Power Strikers Beat Artic Wolves 5 – 1
Match – 2 : Shooting Stars Beat Heros 2 – 1
Match – 3 : Gunners Beat Western Express 3 – 1
Match – 4 : Mighty Warriors Draw Golden Eagles 0 – 0
Match – 5 : Flying Dragons Beat Crusaders 2 – 0
Match – 6 : Dare Devils Beat Super Stars 2 – 0
Match – 7 : Mountain Lions Beat Falcons 1 – 0

Classes : 4 & 5

Match – 1 : Shooting Stars Beat Artic Wolves 3 – 0
Match – 2 : Heros Beat Western Express 4 – 1
Match – 3 : Blazers Beat Crusaders 3 – 2
Match – 4 : Knight Riders Beat Golden Eagle 10 – 1
Match – 5 : Gunners Beat Flying Dragons 1 – 0
Match – 6 : Mighty Warriors Beat Dare Devils 9 – 1
Match – 7 : Super Stars Vs Mountain Lions (Super Stars Won the Game by Walkover)
Match – 8 : Falcons Beat Power Strikers 5 – 1

Classes : 6 & 7

Match – 1 : Mountain Lions Beat Western Express 7 – 1
Match – 2 : Artic Wolves Beat Gunners 6 – 1
Match – 3 : Super Stars Beat Crusaders 7 – 6
Match – 4 : Falcons Beat Golden Eagle 9 – 1
Match – 5 : Dare Devil Beat Heros 9 – 5
Match – 6 : Power Strikers Beat Shooting Stars 10 – 7

Classes : 8 & 9

Match – 1 : Mountain Lions Beat Power Strikers 3 – 2
Match – 2 : Shooting Stars Beat Dare Devils 9 – 1

Shri Soccer League – Week 1

It was very clear on Sunday that our children are far better able to cope with fog and chilly morning conditions for the soccer league than they are for a normal school day!! A strange thing!

Over 460 students have signed up to take part this year and the enthusiasm levels were running really high. You might have been forgiven for thinking that the first games would be cautious as the teams got used to each other. However, 129 goals were scored and only two games ended in draws.

So, here are the results from Week 1 and a few snapshots:


Day – 1: (17th January 2010)

Classes : 2 & 3
Match – 1 : Dare Devils Draw Mountain Lions 1 – 1
Match – 2 : Power Strikers Beat Shooting Stars 3 – 0
Match – 3 : Crusaders Beat Western Express 2 – 1
Match – 4 : Gunners Beat Golden Eagles 6 – 0
Match – 5 : Heros Beat Artic Wolves 5 – 1
Match – 6 : Super Stars Beat Falcons 2 – 0
Match – 7 : Mighty Warriors beat Flying Dragons 1 – 0

Classes : 4 & 5
Match – 1 : Blazers Beat Dare Devils 10 – 0
Match – 2 : Knight Riders Beat Mountain Lions 6 – 0
Match – 3 : Flying Dragons Beat Power Strikers 3 – 1
Match – 4 : Shooting Stars Beat Mighty Warriors 4 – 2
Match – 5 : Western Express Beat Super Stars 6 – 1
Match – 6 : Falcons Beat Crusaders 4 – 0
Match – 7 : Artic Wolves Beat Golden Eagles 5 – 1
Match – 8 : Heros Beat Gunners 4 – 1

Classes : 6 & 7
Match – 1 : Super Stars Beat Dare Devils 7 – 4
Match – 2 : Mountain Lions Beat Falcons 5 – 2
Match – 3 : Power Strikers Beat Artic Wolves 3 – 2
Match – 4 : Heros Draw Shooting Stars 4 – 4
Match – 5 : Western Express Beat Gunners 3 – 2
Match – 6 : Golden Eagles Beat Crusaders 4 – 2

Classes : 8 & 9
Match – 1 : Shooting Stars Beat Dare Devils 7 – 2
Match – 2 : Power Strikers Beat Mountain Lions 5 – 2

Subroto Cup – Update, Tuesday 13th October

At last, on Sunday afternoon my schedule enabled me to get along to a match. The TSRS boys knew it was going to be a challenging game as they were up against Uttarakhand who have had a good tournament so far and are clearly a very good team.

There was some confusion over the kick off time, meaning the boys had a long wait before the game. Maybe this unsettled them as the start saw them playing rather hesitantly, holding back from their tackles and allowing the opponents the luxury of space down the wings.

The result was few chances on goal of our own and two goals conceded. The effort put in to the 5-1 victory the day before seemed to be showing on some of the team with some tired legs in evidence.

With some fresh players injected the second half saw a very different game. The boys tackled their hearts out, wrestled control of the midfield and had the majority of possession. Sadly, though coming close a few times, they weren’t able to convert this better performance in to goals. So, result 2-0 against a very good team who pretty much live for their soccer.

This afternoon the boys should benefit from a rest day yesterday as they take on the Sainik School. Kick off at 4.15pm at Mount St Mary School, Delhi Cant.

If you have the chance, please go along to support the boys.

Subroto Cup:

6th October 2009:
Today the Phase III boys had a tough first match as they represented Haryana for the first time in the national stage of the competition, going down 3 – 0 to AFBBS. This is a really high level of competition with the best school teams from across the country, plus overseas.

I don’t have any more information yet. Tomorrow afternoon they take on SAI, so need to regroup quickly and put today’s first result behind them. At this stage there are 8 teams in their group, the first 4 to go through to the next round. So, it’s a setback, but not terminal.

Come on boys – the whole school is right behind you.



7th October
Competing at this top flight level is proving challenging for the team – something of a baptism of fire.

Today they took on Sports Association of India team and went down 5 – 0. However, considering SAI won last year’s competition there’s no disgrace in that.

Amongst the positives, I’m getting reports that Captain, Arjun Dutt has led his team be example and really worked hard to keep the spirits up and the team focused. It’s relatively far easier to be a leader when things are going well, but the true measure is when the going gets tough.

By sheer coincidence I came across a quote from the person who has undoubtedly been the best woman soccer player the world has ever seen;

“Failure happens all the time. It happens every day in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it.”
Mia Hamm



8th October:
A rest day and a chance to strategise. Tomorrow, 9th october is going to be a big challenge when the team play Mizoram who so far have two wins under their belts, both 1 – 0 (against AFBBS and SAI). Good luck boys and do your very best.

TSRS Soccer Reaches New Heights

From our soccer correspondent, Mr Keshav Dutt,

TSRS, Moulsari Campus made history by becoming the first ever school from Gurgaon to win the Pre Subroto Cup State Championship by beating St. Sophiya School, District Hissar 1-0 in the finals!

This means the boys have qualified for the National Subroto Cup Championship to be held in the month of October 2009 at Ambedkar Stadium, New Delhi, where the winner schools of all the states and schools from abroad will compete against each other.

Aryaman Anand, Arjun Dutt, Avyay Gujral, Aditya Mallik and Siddharth Mukherjee played outstandingly through out the tournament. The credit goes to the whole team as they fought brilliantly against all the odds like over age players, muddy ground, poor refereeing and under the boiling temperature.

Well done lads, you’ve done yourselves and TSRS proud and we wish you all the best in October.

Go Shri Ram Go!

Subrato Cup


Subroto Cup Indian Ex

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