Persistence Tops Talent, Education or Genius

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For the penultimate article in the series I wrote for Gulf news 6 years ago I focused on persistence and the reasons why it’s far more important in the journey to success than basic talent, genius or education.

(I couldn’t resist using a picture of England winning the Rugby World Cup Semi Final for this article! Swing Low, Sweet Chariot on Saturday for the final ………………)

In emphasising persistence I took three particular examples of people whose persistence I have respected.

gulfnews-article 6-29092013
(To read the article, click on the link above. It will open in either a new browser tab or window)


Gulf News – Article 6: Persistence

I’m pleased to attach here the 6th in the series of articles that I’ve been writing for Gulf News. This was published in the Education Supplement of this morning’s paper:

Gulf News Article – Persistence

The seventh and final article is completed and submitted. I really hope readers of the blog have been enjoying the articles. I’ve enjoyed the rigour of writing for a paper which requires more effort than for the blog directly, even if it did get a bit like pulling teeth sometimes!! So, about 10,000 words later the assignment is over for now.

I’d love to have lots more feedback from the thoughtful, well-informed regular blog readers.

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