Soccer League – Week 2

What perfect conditions for this week’s matches. Not too hot, but sunny. A good turn out of parents and supporters for the games I saw. Mine is a happy home after son’s team picked themselves up from a 7-2 defeat last week to score a 3-2 victory.

Here are the scores for all the matches so far:


As promised, here’s a report with some photos from this week’s matches:

Shri Soccer league 2011 Week 2 report

ICSE & ISC Results 2010

Whether you are a teacher or a parent, it’s true that some of the Class X and XII students might have given you a few grey hairs or sleepless nights.

Is he/ she studying at all? When will he/ she get down to serious hard work? Doesn’t he/ she know these are the BOARD exams?

However, yet again, the TSRS students have proved that there wasn’t really so much to worry about. In the Board exam results announced today, they have really done themselves and us proud.

It’s that time in the year when we excuse ourselves as we bask in a little of their reflected glory. Most certainly the parents, but also every teacher who influenced these children right from Pravesh Vatika all the way through to class XII can take a bow and pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

Here, attached on this link is the ‘official’ press release setting out the highlights of this year’s performances. Just click on the link and download it to your PC. You will need Adobe Acrobat or Reader (but i’m hoping all have that these days). if you do have any difficulty opening the document, please mail me and I’ll send it to you in another format.

Press release TSRS ICSE and ISC for Blog Final

Design for Giving

The judging for the Design for Giving Contest is over and the results have been announced.

Congratulations to all the children in schools that made the list of the best 100 projects. TSRS had four projects recognised and this reflects some great work, creativity and effort by all the students and teachers involved.


Perhaps more important than the accolades, ‘winning’, prizes etc. the real winners from this competition have been the thousands of children who got to experience what it is to be the change you want to see.

ICSE & ISC Results

There has been a great deal of celebration in the school over the last two days – copious amounts of cake, sweets and other goodies consumed, all on account of the best set of ICSE and ISC results the school has ever seen.

Our students have excelled across the board. These results were really satisfying from a number of perspectives, some less obvious than others;

a) 100% pass rate at both Senior campuses,
b) All time high averages at both ICSE and ISC,
c) Some great topper achievements,
d) No student has been held back at any time, regardless of their performance in any particular year. The school ethos here is – “If what we’re all doing isn’t working, let’s try something different”, rather than writing off the child and putting them through humiliation and lowered morale,
e) All students are permitted to follow the stream of their choice in Classes XI and XII – no cut-offs based on Class X results to determine who is allowed to do what.

We make no apologies for repeating our belief (as often as we can) that part of the success comes from the years of very open, supportive collaborative communication with parents – working together as a true partnership for the child’s best interests. Sometimes, like any partnership it can be challenging and difficult, but ultimately results like these show the vital importance of consistency and persistence to make the partnership work.

We have a team of educators who are very talented indeed. Perhaps the most powerful manifestation of that is that even in the midst of all the celebration of these results, the whooping, laughing and crying they are already planning and collaborating on ways that we believe can take the quality of education in TSRS to even greater heights. That, to me, is the strongest measure of a high performing and successful team. Colleagues – I salute you all.

For those who want to know the detail of the results, please use the link below.

08-09 Results MoulArav

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