Reading for the Lockdown


While people are on lockdown idle time can play games with the mind. And, there really are limits to how much time you can spend binge-watching Netflix. So, it seemed an opportune time to share a few ideas regarding books.

First off, a very good list of 12 recommendations from Next Big Idea Club. This Club is curated by Adam Grant, Dan Pink, Susan Caine and Malcolm Gladwell. The recommendations can be found here:

12 Great Books to Make the Most of Your Time
(Click on the link above to open it in a new tab or window)

Out of the 12, 5 are among my favourite books and one is on my shelf waiting to be read. During this time, i don’t recommend ordering hard copy books as the supply services really need to be giving priority to delivering essentials (on which point I’m very unimpressed with clothes companies who bombard me with mails at this time – like buying more new shirts and trousers are the most important thing in the world right now?)

Next, a long time ago i did mention in a blog post – but it’s well worth repeating now, about the services of Bookbub. They curate lists of books being sold in e-book form at bargain prices. They issue a new email every day with a new selection of books and all the selections can be seen on their website;

Bookbub Website

Finally for this post, for the children who are adjusting to being at home there’s great news with lots of companies making their resources available. I’m going to be curating a list of some of these for later, but in the meantime I want to highlight Audible for Kids. They have announced that, for the duration of the Covid-=19 crisis, their children’s audiobooks library will be open free of charge for children:

Audible – Kids Stories – Free

Book List

Adam Grant Books

Those who know me well (or have set foot in my home) know that i always surround myself with books. When electronic books and things like podcasts came along I thought I would probably slow down the number of books i bought and read. However, what’s happened is that I simply increased my consumption!

On my various bookcases I have one shelf on which i keep all the new books that are waiting to be read. Every time I pass it I’m taunted to read faster so as to satisfy my anticipation to get in to those books. When the contents of that shelf start to get a bit light, that’s my permission to buy some more. Already, there’s a list of around 17 books on an online book sale website ‘parked’ as my shopping list.

And then , ……………….. Adam Grant puts out the following note on books that are coming soon. He’s privileged as a known and very prominent writer to receive advance pre-publication copies of lots of books (I even wonder when he last bought a book!)

This list contains at least three books that I knew were due out and was already looking forward to, but also a whole load more that look very interesting and some of which will undoubtedly find their way on to my ‘to buy’ list.

LinkedIn Article – Adam Grant – New Fall Books on Behavioral Science, Leadership and Life

So, Mark, read faster because there’s a load more books coming in soon!

Mark Zuckerberg’s Reading List

All regular readers of this blog know what a bookworm I am.

So, a big ‘Thank You’ to Mark Zuckerberg for adding some great books to my ‘to be read’ list.

Here’s his list of 23 books;

Business Insider – Mark Zuckerberg’s Favourite Books

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