Mission Julley at DFC Awards Today

Today, Design for Change are holding their Awards presentation function at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Two teachers and three students of The Shri Ram School, Phase III campus have gone along to present the Mission Julley and to receive recognition as one of the 10 projects receiving Jury Special Mention.

Here’s the presentation uploaded by DFC:

Here’s the link to the list of 20 Top DFC student projects from across the country and the 10 Jury recognition awardees:


A deservedly proud day for all who were involved for Mission Julley.

Life Changing Experiences of Mission Julley

A nice piece of coverage from The Times of India, as some of the students who went to Leh to distribute the relief materials reflect on the experiences and their impact:

TOI Article

There’s further good news. Over the last couple of weeks the fund raising at Aravali has really picked up momentum, especially with Shri Sangeet and the sale of beautiful mirrors and tiles decorated by the students.

Captain Archana has helped us to identify one more school near Leh which is in desperate need for help. So, the relief materials will be gathered in the next few days and dispatched as soon as possible, especially as winter there is closing in rapidly, temperatures dropping and the need for warm clothing is now urgent.

Mission Julley Update

The Phase III Mission Julley team are in Ladakh now and have just sent back pictures as they have started distributing the materials and meeting up with people in the schools identified for help:

Mission Julley on Facebook

The pictures came back via a Jet Airways flight, arranged by the amazing Captain Archana, an Aravali parent for whom nothing has been too much trouble.

Great going folks.

Mission Julley

This initiative to raise funds for the people impacted by the calamities in Leh, Ladakh continues to grow in strength thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of the The Shri Ram School community.

The cricket match and rock concert yesterday raised Rs2.5 lakh and the cycle ride this morning a further Rs25k.

Really well done everyone – and keep up the great work. Big thanks to Kapil Dev, all the band members and everyone else who’s been giving their time and effort to contribute in this worthy cause.

Mission Julley on Facebook

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