Children Learning Leadership

Here’s an interesting blog article that struck a chord with me. Somehow, we make the mistake in pretty much every culture around the world with an approach which suggests that “you’ll figure out leadership when you get there”. Perhaps that’s why there’s such a vacuum of quality leadership in the world.

Bacharach Blog Article on Leadership Training

Before any person – child or adult – gets ideas about being a ‘leader’ they have to learn the sometimes challenging lessons of self-leadership, such things as ability to delay self-gratification, the will to do what has to be done to see something through to completion (even when it gets hard, boring etc.), overcoming procrastination, being proactive, setting a goal for oneself and then pursuing it.

These are all things that we have to get better at ‘teaching’ in school (i.e. providing learning opportunities) and, as the article said, the sports field is not the only place for these life lessons.

If there’s one part of the article that I’m not sure I agree with, it’s the bit at the ends suggesting that the way to do this is to create some form of ‘leadership academy’ within each school. Instead, I believe such learning has to be blended in to all the learning, right from elementary school. It also has to be blended in to school practices, discipline, classroom management, how teachers share their expectations of children – in short throughout the entire school culture.

If we can do this, we can truly aspire towards a position where each child has the opportunity to become and achieve to their potential.

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