NDTV – Save the Tiger

Shri Ram School students have long had a reputation for active interest in conservation and environmental issues. They have been at the forefront of campaigning to save the tiger, especially through Kids for Tigers.

One particular issue that is often hotly debated is the relationship between tiger conservation and tourism. Here is an excerpt from an NDTV programme on the subject:

Arjun Sodhi – Environmental Journalist of the Future?

There are times when students of The Shri Ram School do things that just blow us away, reminding us all why we do the work we do – and why every bit of it is worthwhile.

One such is Arjun Sodhi who has just had an article published in Tehelka.

Arjun Sodhi Tehelka Article

Arjun puts his point across eloquently and powerfully. The article is extremely well written and as a result we are left in no doubt about the strength of his feelings.

Kudos to him and the final message – Arjun, there are some adults who are listening to you and your peers. It’s not enough, but with ambassadors for the environment of your calibre there will always be reason to hope for the future.

Karamveer Chakra Winners

In our opinion, every Shri Ramite is a winner – but then we might be accused of being a bit biased.

However, here are some pictures of some true winners from the TSRS family. This week the i-Congo organisation held its annual awards function, recognising change makers in the society. This year saw a double celebration for the school. Firstly, Mrs Bharat Ram was recognised for her contributions to education.

Then, a group of our environmentally aware students were recognised with the Karamveer Chakra award for their selfless dedication to spreading environmental awareness and especially for their involvement in the Tiger Task Force and the projects to help the Ranthambore tribals to move away from poaching.

We’re really proud of these model citizen students who are making such a difference under the inspirational guidance of their teacher, Ms Madhu Bhatnagar.

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