The New Normal

The world has changed and it’s never going back to how it used to be again. This is for real and for ever. The evidence is abundant and unavoidable:

The Guardian – Up To 70% Of people In Developed Countries Have Seen Income Stagnate
(Click on the link above to read the irrefutable evidence from the Western developed countries about the ‘common man’s’ income.

It’s time for a real honesty in the world, especially in politics. What people took to be ‘normal’ in the 1950’s to 90’s was really an aberration – a temporary golden pond. I’m reminded of the saying – “A rising tide lifts all vessels.”

So much of Western prosperity at all levels of the society was propelled by disproportionate progress of countries and regions, coupled with the tail end of the industrial age that still valued the inputs of those who physically made things. With globalisation and the onset of the knowledge age, those people have been left with little of value to offer to the world and a weak position to compete with those who will do all they do and more at lower costs elsewhere.

A new Prime Minister in the UK promising to ‘look after the poor’ as she takes office does the community a massive disservice. Nobody can really be looked after or protected from their own self-imposed obsolescence. What’s needed is the kind of honesty that would get the message across. What’s gone is gone. Move on and either choose to be valuable in the new age, or accept that life will never be the same again.

It’s tough love, baby.

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