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Educators are busy people and ‘one-size-fits-all’ professional development in schools is often a bad use of time with too many mismatches between the content and the existing knowledge/ learning levels/ interest/ motivation of the attendee teachers.

So, I believe online learning offers many benefits, especially when it’s copious and varied enough that teachers can pick and choose what’s most relevant for them – and still better when it’s free and accessible.

If there are two people in the world who have done most to offer such options for educators it would be Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon. Lucy started the ball rolling in 2007 and in 2010 was joined by Steve and the initiative has gained momentum every year since. A few weeks ago I shared a link for those schools or teachers who may have wanted to join in with their pupils in the Global Collaboration Week projects.

Now is the time to register for the upcoming Conference. In fact, if you follow the link below you’ll see that there’s still a little time (only a matter of hours) if anyone wants to submit a presentation proposal. These conferences tend to have a strong orientation towards innovative and progressive teaching methodologies, the use of ICT to support and enable learning, especially when it fosters or supports the development of global awareness and global mindedness.

Global Education Conference – Welcome Page and Registration

it’s also well worth filling in the basic information to register with the website as this would give access to the enormous wealth of material contained in the archives from the Conferences in past years. The website already has a list of very interesting keynote speakers for this year’s conference.

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