Raising Boys

In these days of political correctness, some suggest it’s heresy to talk as if there is any difference between boys and girls – that ‘equality’ means ‘the same’. However, we know that right from the moment of birth (many would say even earlier than that) parents and caregivers treat boys and girls differently, communicate with them differently and respond to their needs differently.

The result is that boys and girls grow up with very different expectations about how they should be, what’s expected of them and how to expect the world to respond to them. However, then, these early planted perceptions come up against a changing world.

As someone who works and strives to fulfil both parent roles for my son and an educator, I know I don’t always get it right. I make mistakes and I have days when I have to strive to do better. So, I was particularly pleased when I came across this very thoughtfully written article in which the author, Tabitha Studer, has set out 25 rules for mothers of boys;

Gimundo – 25 Rules for Mothers of Boys

I’m not going to say I agree perfectly with all 25, but they’re a good read. At the end, i was left concluding that more application of these rules wouldn’t only be good for the boys (growing in to men) concerned, but for society as a whole.

Summer Positive

The sun is shining, we have time on our hands and ……………….. yet, how many allow themselves to still be plagued by doubts, fears, worry, anxiety about every little and big thing that might be less than perfect. If we switch on to the mainstream media we would quickly fall in to a depressive funk about all sorts of things and the state of the world?

Now, I’m no Pollyanna and believe we have to acknowledge the challenges in the world and step up to do something about them – this is way more effective than just sitting around complaining, moaning or getting anxious. The reality is, there are phenomenal people in the world who don’t just look at problems and complain, but instead take a positive perspective and set out to right wrongs, find alternative solutions and apply their creativity to finding ways to make a better world.

So, in the spirit of the cool summer vibes, let’s celebrate good things in the world with some of the best resources I’ve come across.

First up – a wonderful article that brings together a big variety of stories where simple, ordinary people did something special for someone else, usually a complete stranger:

Stumbleupon – 33 People Who Prove The World Isn’t Such a Broken Place After All

Next up, Gimundo compiled 16 inspiring websites to enjoy this summer:

Gimundo – 16 Inspiring Websites

Incidentally, I thoroughly recommend that while you’re there, check out the rest of the Gimundo site and sign up for their weekly newsletter which brings a regular dose of good news stories to your inbox.

So, in case all that wasn’t enough, here are two further choices of mine:

Good News Network
A great website that regularly updates some wonderful stories about good things happening in the world – enough to restore even the most jaded faith in the goodness of humanity.

Positive News
This UK based site just achieved a great funding exercise online to bring in readers as stakeholders and to fund their growth and expansion. They have a real mission to change the way news is reported and to reach a point where the news can play a positive and inspiring part in people’s lives.

So, I hope i’ve just made all readers very happy and positive to enjoy the summer. There’s something for everyone here.

And teachers, some great opportunities when the new term starts to craft some age-appropriate lessons around good news/ bad news in the world and to help children to see a more positive perspective on the world they’re growing up in.

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