Wonderful ICSE & ISC Results

The TSRS students of Classes X and XII have really exceeded themselves this year, and made us very proud indeed. The board results were really excellent, both in terms of the exceptional achievements of the individual toppers, but also the averages reflecting a great overall performance from our student body.

Whilst hailing their achievement and giving them 99% of the credit, I think it’s only fair if I hold back the other 1% for the teachers and parents who guided, mentored, taught and encouraged to provide the climate and environment within which these children could perform to such high levels.

So, now the school team has proved that it’s earned a summer break. We’ll pause a while and then get our thinking caps on for how we can raise the bar still further.

For now, all applause and recognition to the Shri Ramites, the mighty mighty Ramites …………

Aravali Results 2011

Moulsari ICSE & ISC Results 2010-11


Nothing Surprising?

The attached article might be considered embarrassing for me – except, I don’t work in UK education but in Indian education with very good reason!!

NDTV Education Story

There is no question in my mind, some things have gone horribly wrong in the UK education system. When aspirational Asian families bring their children in to that broken system, the problems become really stark and clear for all to see. The asian children will, inevitably excel in relative terms and outperform.

One danger is that those aspirational levels are already beginning to get muted and influenced by what CK Prahalad calls ‘Affluenza’.

The challenge for us may actually be to see how many people can ride the high aspiration, high effort wave most effectively before we finish up having to deal with the same issues as teachers in the affluent ‘developed’ countries.

Whatever, the long term will have to be about moving education to a new level of relevance, something that learners are willing and prepared to engage with.

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