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Most of the world’s most successful people read. Developing a strong reading habit early in life can increase a person’s chances of achieving their goals and aspirations in life. However, whilst all reading is beneficial, it can be a bit like eating food. A diet consisting of only one food type doesn’t lead to healthy nourishment. Therefore, it’s best to develop a rich and broad taste – to read the fun, the entertaining, the enriching and the stretching. I would always advocate that the variety should include material from different times, genres, styles. As well as being stretching, it also gives us insights in to the past (those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it).

However, one of the things that still seems to put a lot of people off reading today (it shouldn’t, but ….) is cost. Of course, what people really mean is that they would have to trade off the cost of books against other spending choices.

However, excuses be gone – I like to help people to bust through whenever possible. So, my share today is a link to 25 sources of free public domain books. This is not book piracy or anything illegal. Every year, vast volumes of books come in to the public domain depending on the laws in the country of the author. Usually, it’s a certain number of years after the author’s death. The net result is that vast volumes of material are no longer ‘owned’ by anyone and there are no royalties due on them. Over time there have been initiatives to digitise these works, so as to make them available to the widest possible audience. This all started with the Project Gutenburg initiative. That’s still probably my favourite as it’s very searchable and offers one click downloading of all works from a particular author.

Here’s the link:

Ebookfriendly – 25 Sources of Free Public Domain Books

It’s Sunday – what better time to enrich yourself feasting on a free classic or a hidden gem that you probably couldn’t even find in the book shop. Enjoy.

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