The Blockchain

The blockchain – know what it is? Need to know as an educator?

Yep. I believe so. If it has even a fraction of the impact that it could in the world, then it’s going to have a vast role in the lives of our children.

This video explains it in a way that’s clear for all. I believe this is going to be very very big.

The Continuing Bank Saga

Today, I am an almost excited man.

I’ve just seen a news headline that the particular bank that has become my nemesis (the one with the same letter three times in the name) has just been the busiest recruiter at IIM-Ahmedabad.

So, all my problems will now be over. Maybe soon i will even receive my bank card. Those who read the piece i wrote on 13th February will be aware I was having an itsy bitsy little problem trying to do something as simple as a replacement Debit/ ATM card from said un-named bank.

Well, the saga after the last i wrote was that i had requested the bank (after spending hours trying to navigate the labyrinth of the phone banking) to send the card again. I did receive phone calls on two occasions from the courier company. On both occasions arrangements were made for delivery at my home at 4.30pm and arrangements to guarantee that someone would be present to receive ……… but, it wasn’t necessary as nothing came. Now, it’s all been quiet for the last 9 days which probably means that I’m back to stage one. Dare I risk running the gauntlet of the phone banking again?

Or, shall i simply wait a little while and let the formidable brains of IIM-A to solve my problem? However, i fear that might take a while. First, someone will have to write a case study, then they will have to drink lots of coffee, stay up loads of nights and then may well propose that accounts like mine get closed as customers like me don’t represent a big enough profit margin (and he’s also a trouble maker).

Oh well, i guess this makes sure i don’t spend too much. But, everyone should know – your bankers really love you lots, and lots, and lots. Honest!!

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