Recognition for TSRS – Aspen Summer Leadership Programme

I am really pleased to announce that agreement has been reached for certificate accreditation of the TSRS Aspen leadership Programme by Babson College, USA.

Babson is one of the foremost management education institutes in the US, frequently ranked number one for entrepreneurship: Babson College

For anyone who has been wavering about deciding whether to attend, there is still time and some places remain to be a part of this very unique and powerful learning experience.

The Shri Ram Aspen Summer Leadership Programme

Just before I left for 15 days break in England, I posted the photo from the press launch of the new TSRS – Aspen Summer leadership Programme. Here are more details about the programme. This is really exciting and we’re already seeing a big buzz of interest. It is open to any students, not just those of TSRS. In fact, the greater the mix and diversity the greater will be the learning for the students.

The Shri Ram School has launched a summer school leadership Programme in collaboration with Aspen Institute for the students of grade 9-12. Since it is the first and only kind of Leadership programme in India, we have kept limited number of seats with a maximum capacity of 50. Details of the programme can be seen through weblink

The Programme aims to lift a student from the level of Success to Significance

The Programme Summary:
The programme will be a 2 weeks residential programme in the camp site of Rishikesh, next to the river Ganges. The programme is a blend of Socratic dialogue, experiential learning motivational lectures and adventure sports.
• Text based Socratic dialogue: Students will be made to read, reflect and conduct discussions on a series of thought provoking readings around the issues of Leadership like: (i) The Challenge of Leadership; (ii) The Promise of Leadership; (iii) The Good Society; (iv) The Possibility of Heroism; and (v) The Meaning of Life.
• Sports, Adventure and Wilderness: Dedicated 3-4 days for adventure sports like rafting and trekking, leadership & team building games and wilderness walks.
• Academic study of Leadership: Along with the readings the programme also provides an academic perspective and understanding of Leadership.
• Communication Skills and Performing Arts: Written and verbal communication skills training will include activities such as Public Speaking which will give students an experience of combining quality and quantity of expression in a structured format in front of an audience. The students will also prepare a play on value-based leadership to “experience’ the leadership predicament.
• Experiential Soft Skills Training: To enhance skills such as positive attitude and self-confidence, motivating self and others, resolving conflict and dealing with stress, becoming more Emotionally Intelligent, etc.
• Community Visits: Community visits organized to a government school in a village and an Orphanage, to sensitize the students to various social issues, and expose them to an environment where there is a scarcity of basic requirements, inequities and hardships in life.
• Personalized Counseling and Tests: Personalized Counseling sessions for the students; in which the counselor will discuss the students’ experiences, problems, progress, ongoing understanding and tests based analysis.
• Guest Lectures: There will be a series of motivational and educational lectures from people of different backgrounds.
As part of the leadership program, students will be required to commit to a project which could be in the form of a school, college or community level project in the area of their passion. The project must impact the target audience and improve the status quo. It should involve the students to commit some of their time, individually or in a group, directly to the project. The project must help the student transition

The care and safety, first aid and special meal requirements will be taken complete care of. There will be one faculty for every 5 children.

The Opening & Closing ceremony of the Leadership programme will be held at The Shri Ram School,

Criteria for Admission
 The student should be a moderate to high performer in academics and extra-curricular activities
 An overall performer, team player and ready to take on challenges.

TSRS Poster (for web)
TSRS Form (for web)

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