Applauding Gurgaon Police

Where I come from, almost every town or city centre has at least one one-way system – because they work! Journey distances may get a bit longer, but the volume of traffic that the system can realistically carry is vastly increased, meaning that time taken is reduced significantly (along with frustration and accidents!)

Gurgaon saw its first significant move in this direction around Cyber Greens and there’s no question that it’s made a big difference in that area. So, I am so pleased to see a brand new one-way system coming in to effect – one that we in The Shri Ram School have been advocating for over 2 years.

Credit must go to Police Commissioner, SS Deshwal, DCP Maheshwar Dayal (Gurgaon East) and DCP Bharti Arora (Traffic) for moving ahead with this. Responsibility for now making it work now passes to the citizens of Gurgaon and especially members of the TSRS community.

As you will see from the newspaper cutting below, the impact is substantial:

The Shri Ram School has always wanted to be a good neighbour. We never took any pleasure in the difficulties created for residents of Regency Park II or Hamilton Court at the times when children are arriving at the school or leaving in the afternoons. I believe this one way system really represents a win-win for everyone. With the traffic flowing smoothly even at the biggest times I’m hopeful it will be a biog plus for quality of life of residents. I also believe it will be a lot safer and smoother for the parents and children of our school. If or when they need to cross the road, they will only need to contend with traffic from one direction. Hopefully they will all get dropped on the school side of the road now.

A little self-discipline to make the new system work will be in everyone’s interests.


Pravesh Vatika Admissions – Aravali

As promised, the advertisement has now been published:

Aravali Construction Update

Here’s an update of what’s been happening at Aravali over the last few weeks. Those of a sensitive disposition or inclined to extreme nostalgia might prefer not to look at the photos below!

Progress has been a bit slower than we might have liked, but we’re pushing on with a very clear action plan.

Firstly, Shri ARCS is really taking shape now and promises to be a wonderful new building. The kitchen installation has gone well and the dining halls are taking shape:

Junior School dining hall – ground floor

Senior School dining room on first floor

Upstairs, the activity rooms for Junior School are taking shape:

Multi Purpose Hall

First we had to move the trees:

Then, sorry, but the amphitheatre had to go:

Then we started digging:

Then we dug even deeper:

There is now even a Shri Ram fleet of donkeys!

And, when you finish digging, you have to start filling it all in:

Disaster Preparedness & Disaster Management

It was probably at least a year ago, when we were being plagued by bomb scares etc., that the management of the school decided that we were not willing to take anything less than a full-on effort towards disaster preparedness and disaster management. It was decided that we would start out with a detailed pilot project at Aravali, that we will then roll out to the other campuses.

Seeds India were selected as expert partners to work with. I have to say they have been excellent partners for the school to work with, cajoling and pushing when necessary, motivating and encouraging and always very professional.

The work done has been really thorough and has offered some great opportunities for students to get very actively involved, for example with risk identification audits covering every room and space in the school.

The pilot at Aravali has now moved in to advanced stages, with training for teams of teachers and students who will form certain groups;
Search and Rescue Task Force
Fire and Safety Task Force
Safety and First Aid Task Force
Evacuation Task Force

The first two of these groups were engaged in training programmes yesterday, the latter two today. These workshops will be followed by a variety of mock drills involving the whole school.

Here are some pictures from yesterday:

Shri Soccer League – Week 1

It was very clear on Sunday that our children are far better able to cope with fog and chilly morning conditions for the soccer league than they are for a normal school day!! A strange thing!

Over 460 students have signed up to take part this year and the enthusiasm levels were running really high. You might have been forgiven for thinking that the first games would be cautious as the teams got used to each other. However, 129 goals were scored and only two games ended in draws.

So, here are the results from Week 1 and a few snapshots:


Day – 1: (17th January 2010)

Classes : 2 & 3
Match – 1 : Dare Devils Draw Mountain Lions 1 – 1
Match – 2 : Power Strikers Beat Shooting Stars 3 – 0
Match – 3 : Crusaders Beat Western Express 2 – 1
Match – 4 : Gunners Beat Golden Eagles 6 – 0
Match – 5 : Heros Beat Artic Wolves 5 – 1
Match – 6 : Super Stars Beat Falcons 2 – 0
Match – 7 : Mighty Warriors beat Flying Dragons 1 – 0

Classes : 4 & 5
Match – 1 : Blazers Beat Dare Devils 10 – 0
Match – 2 : Knight Riders Beat Mountain Lions 6 – 0
Match – 3 : Flying Dragons Beat Power Strikers 3 – 1
Match – 4 : Shooting Stars Beat Mighty Warriors 4 – 2
Match – 5 : Western Express Beat Super Stars 6 – 1
Match – 6 : Falcons Beat Crusaders 4 – 0
Match – 7 : Artic Wolves Beat Golden Eagles 5 – 1
Match – 8 : Heros Beat Gunners 4 – 1

Classes : 6 & 7
Match – 1 : Super Stars Beat Dare Devils 7 – 4
Match – 2 : Mountain Lions Beat Falcons 5 – 2
Match – 3 : Power Strikers Beat Artic Wolves 3 – 2
Match – 4 : Heros Draw Shooting Stars 4 – 4
Match – 5 : Western Express Beat Gunners 3 – 2
Match – 6 : Golden Eagles Beat Crusaders 4 – 2

Classes : 8 & 9
Match – 1 : Shooting Stars Beat Dare Devils 7 – 2
Match – 2 : Power Strikers Beat Mountain Lions 5 – 2

St. P.B.N. Basketball Tournament – Aravali

More great news for basketball within TSRS:

Our Aravali Senior Boys Basketball team participated and won the 2nd St. P.B.N Basketball Tournament held on 30th and 31st October. The tournament was organised in a knockout format. The team played one match on the 30th and four matches on the 31st of October, 2009. The results were as follows:

I Round v/s I.P.I.S, Dwarka
II Round v/s S.D.A.V, Gurgaon
Quarter Final v/s Summerfields, Gurgaon
Semi Final v/s D.P.S, Sushant Lok
Final v/s St. P.B.N School




The team also visited the American Embassy School, New Delhi for a friendly match on the 30th and won the match 57-48.

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