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I’ve come to the end of sharing the series of articles that i wrote for Gulf News 6 years ago. The seventh and final piece was one in which I tied together issues which i believe are critical for the future welfare of students, especially in an Asian context;

a) The increasingly rapid commoditization of jobs that require relatively low skill levels and the increasing degree to which AI will compete with Asian workers for these roles, and
b) What some are calling the existential vacuum – the critical factor that young people need to find life meaningful and purposeful in order to gain satisfaction or even happiness from life.

My conclusion was that we only reconcile these two issues through setting out to do amazing work, stretching ourselves and aiming high.

gulfnews-article 7-06102013
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Gulf News – Article 7: Doing Amazing Work!

The task of writing 7 articles for Gulf News has now come to an end. The remit was to write articles that would carry some worthwhile advice for young people in the age range from Class 9 upwards. I hope I have achieved this – something for others to judge – not me.

Here is the final article, the topic being something on which I feel very passionate – we only deserve the world’s rewards when we do amazing work and the world is for doers, not spectators.


gulfnews article 06102013

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