Backing a Smart Idea

I wrote an article a few weeks ago in which i set out my recent thoughts on how we will tackle the environmental challenges we face today. In the article I suggested that the solutions don’t lie in fanciful ideas of persuading people to either give up what they already have, or to forgo what they believe others have enjoyed and they aspire to. Rather, we need smart technology driven solutions that make a difference. That article was particularly about global warming and the impact on climate. The other major ecological and environmental issue that must be addressed is with regard to plastics, and especially single use plastics.

So, I was really impressed when i came across this video and the accompanying crowdsourcing page on Indiegogo (see below). Over the last couple of years I have made strenuous efforts to stop buying plastic water bottles and to use a reusable bottle whenever possible. However, there’s a world of difference about not making a bad problem worse and making it better.

For the last 20 years I’ve lived in Asia – in hot and sometimes humid countries. This is great as I’d always much rather be hot than cold. However, it always came with a problem as I’ve had a bad habit since i was a boy – I don’t drink enough water through the day. I get busy, occupied and distracted and before i know it I’m flagging as the initial impact of dehydration hits me. There have been times it made me quite ill. So, a few years ago I was glad to find an app for my smart phone that reminded me through the day and provided an easy way to track how much I had drunk (even if it did embarrass me a few times if I’d forgotten to turn the sound down in meetings – a nice slurping noise, but a price worth paying!)

This REBO smart bottle uses blockchain technology to address issues and take responsible water drinking to the next level. It’s a very high grade reusable water bottle. But, with some smart tech it monitors how much has been drunk and gives you that info through an app. But, having gathered that information it goes even further by using the data from all users to provide credits to those who collect waste plastic bottles, thereby taking them out of the environment to be properly recycled.

This struck me as such a neat use of technology to engage people in an act that is vital to life, in a way that contributes positively (instead of negatively) to the environment.

So, for the first time in my life, I’ve contributed to a crowdfunding initiative. I really hope it will be a great success. Here’s the Indigogo link for more information, and if you want to place an order:

Indiegogo – REBO Smart Bottle

I do want to emphasise I have no connection with the company or the initiative, am not receiving commission or benefitting in any way from this recommendation.


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