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Educators work with a variety of key stakeholder groups. However, there are none more important than children and parents. We live in an age where, rightly or wrongly, people believe that parenting is harder than ever. I don’t actually believe that it’s overall harder, but there are certainly new challenges and issues for parents to deal with that were not there in the past.

For many parents change, challenges and new issues can leave them like rabbits caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck. I also believe that too many parents dissipate all their mental bandwidth on other issues leaving little or nothing left over for their parenting. I’ve often marveled that apparently highly educated and intelligent people too often apply more thought, care and diligence to decisions they make in their professional lives than in the raising of their children. In the distant past this wasn’t considered to have mattered – the world changed very slowly and people lived in multi-generational family units. Family elders were seemed to have all the knowledge and experience to guide their children as they in turn raise their own children. Today, parents are dealing with such different issues to earlier generations that the elders have little to offer that’s really valuable (and they often live a long way away).

As educators we find parents often seeking guidance or suggestions. Also, strong educators are continually engaged in dialogue with parents to dovetail what’s happening in the school and the home aligned for the benefit and development of the child. Both need to be working in ways that are positive in the child’s growth, development and to be and become the best possible version of themselves.

The reality is that there are great resources and opportunities for parents who want to tap in to knowledge, experience and ideas. These are also of great use for the tribe of educators. For me, I think this will be the fourth year that I’ve signed up for the ‘Happily Family’ online virtual parenting conference.  This is organised and compered by husband and wife team Cecilia and Jason Hilkey. They are former early years educators who saw a need to meet for parents to access the best possible advice and ideas for how to enhance their parenting skills.

The sign up is a quick 1 minute through the following link:

Happily Family – Online Conference Sign Up

The way it works is very simple. Each day around 5 interviews are put up live online. They can be accessed free for around 48 hours (if I remember correctly). Within that time you are free to watch as many as you like. Another 5 come online each day. If you want full, long term access to all the videos, for example for use with parent workshops or teacher CPD,  they offer a simple arrangement to buy that access.


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