More Books To Read


We’re not even 20% in to the new century yet, but apparently it’s not too soon for some people to sit down and brainstorm out a list of the best 100 books of the century.

Regular readers of this blog know what a bookworm I am, so I’m still a sucker for a list like this. So, here is a list that suggests the best books so far this century:

The Guardian – 100 Best Books of the Twenty First Century

There are some excellent choices on the list and some that have now piqued my interest. I have some issues with some writers who are not included.  These include Irvine Welsh, Iain Banks, Hariki Murakami. Also, when one considers the biggest selling genres of books outside fiction there’s very little representation from the Self-Help or Management/ leadership/ Economics/ Business categories and not many biographies.

I have plenty of favourites on the list; Terry Pratchett, Malcolm Gladwell, Mark Haddon, Neil Gaiman, Ali Smith, Yuval Noah Harari, Martin Amis, Zadie Smith, Ian McEwan, Julian Barnes and the book given number one – Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantell.

Still, a worthwhile list with something for everyone – and it’ll soon be Christmas !!

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