Young Children & Screens – Changed Recommendations

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have changed their recommendations regarding younger children and their use of screens. It used to be that they had a flat moratorium on use with children under two years of age. However, I’m not really surprised that they’re responding to the reality of what’s happening (nobody took much notice of their earlier recommendations) and trying to at least steer parents towards responsible and effective use.

Edweek Blog – Pediatricians Shift Stance on Electronic Media Use for Young Children

Having acknowledged that parents are going to put electronic media in the hands of their young children, the advice is shifting towards encouraging responsible use (and discouraging the irresponsible where the media is simply used to babysit the child). As a result the emphasis changes in two significant ways;

a) Exposure to quality media content – being more discerning about what’s being selected, and
b) Collaborative viewing, rather than just leaving the child to be distracted by the media alone.

It would be nice to think the advice will make some difference, but i fear the convenience and personal vested interest of parents will be the dominant factor.


2 Responses

  1. The use of ICT is getting more weightage in the schools also now even from the very early stages. So how can we monitir the children or limit their use of screens in this scenario.

    The modern education system is shifting the focus of young minds from book reading to use of screens to do more and more research.

    I as a teacher dont really agree with this shift.

    • I understand your concern and reservations, especially when we’re talking about the youngest children. However, I think that the ICT is now so very much a part of our lives that it is important that we help children to develop the skills that mean they can keep it in its place, use it as a tool rather than be controlled by it and be sensible users.

      As a tool that enables access to vast knowledge ICT has the potential to be a great positive power for good in our children’s lives, but not if they become enslaved by it.

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