The World Changes. Education …….?


Here’s an article I wrote that was published last month in the magazine Expat Go. This is an annual edition produced by The Expat magazine that focuses on the education sector and provides information to help parents select the right school for their child.

My focus was the changed world in which our children are growing and the ways in which modern education needs to respond. When expat educators come to a country like Malaysia, I believe it’s vitally important that we don’t just simply take the path of ease and relaxation by reproducing some kind of old-fashioned and largely irrelevant Western (British?) education of yesterday. Rather, we have a duty to work with our local colleagues to produce dsomething new, uniquely different, relevant to the environment where we’re working and that does not saddle the country with undesirable legacy processes. Together, we have to produce something new, unique and special that is thoroughly of the Twenty First Century.


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