World’s Largest Lesson

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The World's Largest Lesson 2016 – with thanks to Sir Ken Robinson and Emma Watson from World's Largest Lesson on Vimeo.

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Once upon a time there were the Millennium Development goals - a laudable set of goals and targets set by all the world's most powerful nations for bringing major and significant changes and improvement in the world that would address fundamental issues of human rights, equality of opportunity and reduction of poverty. Whilst there was some progress made, all too often the big powers seemed unwilling to back up the words with adequate finances or action. The result was that the goals weren't achieved.

So, the new, replacement plan was the Global Goals for Sustainable development. These have a 15 year time horizon, strong words and high aspirations. With justifiable reason, there are efforts to get children particularly interested in the Goals and focused on playing a part in their achievement. One such way is through the 'World's Largest Lesson' taking place this week in schools throughout the world;

The World's Largest lesson - Global Goals

Incidentally, that website contains massive of great classroom resources and downloadable materials in relation to each of the 17 goals, plus activities that learners can engage in.

The Goals Explained - The Guardian

However, little more than a year after the Sustainability Goals were put in place, there's clear evidence of the same levels of failure, under achievement and actions failing to live up to the rhetoric;

The Guardian - World Lags Behind on Global Education Goals

Goal number 4 is, in my view, one of the most vital of all in the longer term. if it isn't achieved, then i believe it's extremely unlikely that the other goals will be achievable. A viable primary level education for every child must be taken seriously as a worldwide goal, with priority over petty political issues.

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