Welcome Tenby Parents

From today onwards, as well as the existing audience of regular readers of this blog all over the world (but especially in India, UAE, UK and USA) I welcome the large numbers of new readers from The Tenby Schools across Malaysia who’ve just discovered that this is my online presence.

Whilst I’ll continue to write and share articles on general articles about education, children, child psychology, leadership, parenting and anything else that interests me strongly, from time to time i’ll also share some Tenby-centric articles in the coming months.

My experiences over the last couple of months have been that Tenby parents are enthusiastic, passionate about their children’s education and also very warm and friendly people! So, I’m really happy to welcome you and to offer this route by which you can be in touch with me, as well as by email.

I’m really excited about working with you to take our schools forward to greater heights.

7 Responses

  1. Mr Parkinson,

    Thank you for sharing your blog. It has so much great information to help parent like me to be a better educator to my children.

    I have a website http://www.kids-activities-learning-games.com which document my motherhood journal as an educator to my children. (I am in the phase of migrating the website to http://www.teachkidlearn.com)

    I am a parent of Tenby International Secondary School Penang and also the Tenby Schools Penang Parents’ Association chair person. However I have not met up with you. Hope to see you the next time you drop by Penang.

    Siew Yean

    • Hello

      Really pleased to make your acquaintance online and look forward to meeting in person very soon. I’ve had a quick look at your website – some really nice material. Will be going through more thoroughly.

      Mark Parkinson

  2. Mr Parkinson welcome to Malaysia. I am a parent of Tenby EY Ipoh. Hope to meet up when you visit the Ipoh school. A very informative blog for parents like me. Thank you.


    • Thank you. Principal and i are fixing date for me to come to meet Ipoh school parents.

  3. Dear Mr. Mark,

    Nice to see your E-mail. My son has graduated from Tenby, Miri just in the last month. I got excellent support from all the teachers and staff. Thanks to all of them. Campus and other facilities are very good. I saw very fast movement of the teachers here at Tenby, Miri. I think management should try their best to retain good teachers in the school.

    Mukesh Kumar,

    • Mr Kumar

      Thanks for the feedback. Certainly, retention of our best talent for the longer term is one of the things very much on our agenda.

      Mark P

  4. Glad to have read this!

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