The Merits of Boredom

“World, entertain me, stimulate me, make my life stimulating and fun,” sounds like the lament of Veruca Salt, the greedy, self-centred and demanding child in Roald Dahl’s book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

However, sadly, it could be heard from way too many children in today’s world who have become used to spending so much of their time hyper-stimulated by media, films, computer games and the ‘always on’ internet. So, against this typical backdrop I was fascinated to come across this article that shares scientific perspectives on the value of letting children experience some boredom;

Quartz – Psychologists Recommend Children Be Bored In The Summer

The arguments made, especially about the building of self-reliance, are strong and convincing. As we head rapidly towards the vacation breaks for schools (in some countries they’ve already started) this is timely input. So, let’s not overplan on behalf of our children this vacation.

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