Calm – For Free

Regular readers of this blog know my fondness for finding and sharing things which are free, useful and sharing them around. Well, today, here’s one which is especially free for teachers!

I’ve written off and on in the past about the studies and research that appears to be building a body of evidence in support of mindfulness practices as beneficial for children in the learning environment. As I’ve become more interested I’ve downloaded a few ‘mindfulness apps’ to check out and explore.

One of those apps, and one of the best known of this type is ‘Calm’. So, when I came across an article about Calm today, I wanted to share this with all readers:

Calm – The Calm Classroom Initiative

What I like about this is the duel potential – helping the children and helping the teachers (which in turn can help the children further in a calm and productive learning environment.

So, teachers – nothing to lose, start signing up.

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