Leaders For Education

Lots of research has suggested that when you look at the impact of leaders (i.e. their propensity to determine the difference between OK and great organisational outcomes), school leaders (Principals, Heads etc.) have a bigger impact than leaders of equivalent seniority in companies and commercial environments.

So, it has long been a concern of mine when we see education leadership development as such a weak area. I believe that there are underlying assumptions that are not helping. Perhaps the biggest is that if you take teachers who show good people skills, willingness to work longer and harder and teach them a few basic skills, they will be ready and able to step up to become leaders.

This US article shows that there are initiatives that acknowledge that more is needed;

Washington Post – Wallace Foundation To Invest $47 million In Redesigning Principal Preparation

This is positive, but worldwide there’s far more needed. This includes both on and off-job change. On the job, schools and school organisations need to learn far more from the commercial world about identifying future talent for development and how to support them outside the interests of their immediate leaders as ‘whole organisation’ long term assets.

In the long term, better prepared leaders will lead to better schools, to the benefit of all stakeholders.

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