Education – Preparation For ……. What?

Here’s a wonderful and poignant blog post from a student who went through the Indian education system. I would urge every Indian parent, student and teacher who regularly reads this blog to read the whole article through and to reflect on it with care.

Huffington Post – The Damage Done By Indian Schools

The article is written from the heart and very truthfully by a student who went through the Indian school system, seeing and experiencing a number of different schools, and then went to study for a BA overseas. The problems she experienced there, the revelations she experienced have been shared with me by so many students that I know how right she is.

One of the other challenges she doesn’t mention that I’ve heard from many is the volume of reading expected and their struggle to keep up with it, either because they were so little in the habit of reading or because the methods of reading they had developed in school were too slow to serve them effectively.

Only when we see school education as part of a continuum in the lives of our children will we have teachers, schools and an education system that genuinely prepares children for the future, rather than just pushing them through a worthless and artificial sausage machine.

There’s a long way ahead.


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