How Have We Created Monsters?

I never stop reminding myself, and all the educators that I work with that whether it’s in the Middle East or anywhere in Asia we ‘have it good’ when it comes to the children we work with. For any who may ever have doubted whether I was really telling the truth, here is some really shocking data about what’s going on in UK classrooms:

Teaching Times – Forty Percent Of Teachers Suffer Violence From Pupils

If we look at raising children and preparing them for life as a joint, shared exercise between home and school, parents and teachers, then we all need to ask some very tough questions about what’s going on to produce such damning data. In these circumstances, none of us should be surprised at the number of UK teachers who are leaving the profession (or packing their bags to go for teaching jobs in other countries).

In Asia we work with pupils who have, by and large, a very high level of respect for authority. If anything, our challenges are different. In order to have the children learn to think for themselves, at times we might prefer if they were a bit less docile, a little less compliant and a bit less willing to wait to be told what to do, think and be. However, at least while we’re figuring out the answers to those questions, we’re safe in our work!


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