Physics Girl

Half of the smartest brains in the world are probably walking around in female bodies !!

A radical idea, I know. But, in an age when we need to harness the creative powers of the world’s most creative and smartest minds it’s a major issue if half of those minds never get to fulfill their potential.

So, today I want to share the intriguing story of a young woman who can be the flag-bearer for every young girl who wants to make her way in the sciences and to believe in what’s truly possible in the Twenty First Century. Sabrina Pasterski is clearly a young woman who is already starting to make waves in the world of physics.

She publishes a website: Physics Girl Dot Com

Here’s an article about her background and achievements to date. She’s plainly already crossing the radar of some very influential potential mentors in the world of physics;

MSN – This Millennial Might Be the New Einstein

The education system still has a lot of work to do to address gender disparities in subject areas like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths). However, as people like Pasterski emerge we’re going to see the benefits of a more inclusive, differentiated education that enables each learner to pursue their potential in the areas that appeal and suit them.


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