The Role of Lunch Break in Japanese Schools

Here is a wonderful video that shows the typical structure of the lunch period in a Japanese school. When I first watched it, I wondered whether it was unusual or unique. However, the comments that accompany the video suggest that this is pretty typical (and normal for every day - not just because there are cameras there!)

I found it very refreshing for the level of responsibility the children take, the egalitarian approach and the way that the teachers accept their involvement in this process as a natural part of their work. Lunch period as a learning period, as important as any other makes perfect sense to me.

These are children who are naturally very used to taking responsibility. Also, gratitude figures prominently in their experience (something many commentators advocate for living a happier life). I really liked the focus on being aware of where the food (and ingredients) had come from. And, what do you do when you finish eating? Clean up and play a part in recycling the milk cartons, of course. Overall, so much great learning.

My thanks to friend, Bijal Parekh for sharing this great video.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks Sir …we too all saw at TSRS this video last week….awweessoomee…soo much learning to internalise by young minds. We all loved it too:)

  2. It is this culture that makes Japan so special.

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