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Teaching Channel Video – Kathleen Cushman
(Unfortunately, the code for embedding the video here doesn’t seem to be working. So, right click on the link above and open the page in a new tab or window. Then, you can watch the 6 minute video there)

I came across a very useful resource for educators today –

On this video, the speaker, Kathleen Cushman, has some really interesting insights in to methods and ideas that lead to the development of real Twenty First Century skills for students, in a high motivation environment. I was particularly interested by her idea that when students see their teachers collaborating, they are more likely to adapt to collaborating positively as well.

I liked what I was hearing about student choice, doing something that matters in the adult world and student agency. Also, the eight conditions of being a learner are a useful starting point for assessing the value of many student learning experiences.

In the video, she makes reference to a number of things happening at a school called High Tech High. Some of these are referenced in the other videos accessible through the links at the bottom of the video screen that all relate to the ‘Deeper Learning’ series. The one on ‘Tiny House’ is particularly worth watching.


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  1. Mr. Parkinson…greetings to you and Wishing you a great, eventful and successful 2016. Have been going thru largely all your posts and enjoy reading and learning from each of them The post today on Teaching Channel is very very close to my heart and i had shared this link with the TSRS staff last year. It has some brilliant videos on different aspects of teaching & learning.Last year’s video on 2015 teachers who were awarded is an exceptional one in which they have covered some amazing teachers of elementary, middle and Senior schools respectively. Thanks for enlightening many other educators.
    Warm Regards Surbhi Rajpal

  2. Sorry, I pressed the send button by mistake! I’m still enjoying sharing great material through the blog and the numbers reading regularly continues to rise.
    I hope you’re enjoying your work. It sounds like you’re continuing to share your enthusiasm and passion for teaching with other teachers.

    • Yes Sir that NO ONE can take away from me.If you get some good Info. on ELLs English language learners…please do share as I am currently working with these children from Economically underprivileged children in inclusive classrooms…extremely Challenging akin to differently abled children but huge learning in d process…enjoying every bit of it especially how the grade 4 children all under my wings come and call me from whichever part of the school I may be in if I don’t reach in 2 mins to their class…Lovvee it becoz i never miss a class with them for what so ever the reason. looking to do a good Course Online in the same.regards

      • On that I think there would be a lot of useful lessons from teachers somewhere like Vidya in Gurgaon. They work very much with the students from lower economic group.
        Also British Council can be useful and/ or International House.

  3. Thank you Mr. Parkinson…i wanted to tell you that Ihave shifted to the middle school to reach history (IGCSE). I am really enjoyung the curriculum .More importantly it is the learning that is so motivating. Thank you for all your posts for educators..

    • Annie, great to hear from you and congratulations on the new role. With children growing up so quickly these days, in some ways, middle school is a fascinating experience. Is a critical time for honing the learning skills before they embark on the stresses of higher classes and competitive exams. I’m sure you’ll flourish there.

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