What Are You Passionate About?

Last week I shared an article that highlighted recent research findings that suggested that having a goal, a calling, but doing nothing about it. However, it’s also true that far too many people never get the chance or opportunity to explore themselves to find their passion, the calling that would motivate them to fulfill their potential.

That’s what ‘Genius Hour’ is all about. First associated with companies like Google who saw the benefits of giving their staff and employees the space, time and freedom to pursue something they’re curiously, passionately interested in. Incidentally, some of Google’s most innovative spin-off projects away from their mainstream have arisen from these employee activities.

Time is a very precious commodity in schools. We frequently hear teachers talk of the lack of time due to over-bloated syllabus. At the same time we hear the advocates for home schooling talking of how they are able to achieve at least the same as schools in a fraction of the time because children don’t waste large amounts of time in meaningless activities. There has to be a middle line – where schools can take the benefits achieved by home schoolers from more efficient and effective use of time, and turn over the extra time to worthwhile activities.

It’s pleasing to see the way some schools and teachers have been experimenting with ‘Genius Hour’ as a time for children to pursue something that really interests them, to explore a passion and to have a chance to discover their calling.

Here’s a nice post from an educator, in which she sets out simply the processes she follows to make the genius hour something that is highly motivating for the children and effective;

E-School News – The 4 Essentials of a Successful Genius Hour
(Click on the link above to read the article)

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