The Link Between Worry and Creativity

This short article may be pointing out something that most people have long intuitively suspected – people who worry or ‘over think’ are often more developed, creative people;

Higher Perspective – New Research – Overthinking Worriers Are Probably Creative Geniuses

The article caused me to think particularly about two aspects that aren’t covered in the article.

Firstly, if these are the people with the scope to make greater creative contributions, are our modern organisations respecting them and meeting their needs adequately? Simply, I think such people are usually under-appreciated. All too often such individuals get lumped in with the negative irritants and are not appreciated by their colleagues or superiors. In today’s environment of tight deadlines and focus on doing more in less time, their inclination to get in to detailed discussion of their worries and issues they believe should be addressed are seen as getting n the way of progress. As a result, companies finish up with uncreative, unimaginative solutions to issues and a general anti-creativity. Too many issues get dealt with ‘the way we’ve always done it around here’. This isn’t productive and at worst cn even be dangerous in the longer term.

The second issue that went through my mind was how we fail to support children who show these traits at school. All too often, the worrier, the anxious child is treated as an irritant, a nuisance. The inclination in many environments for a factory-like set of routines and processes for the school day combined with a curriculum that is heavy on content finds it hard to support and facilitate these children.

If we really want to profess a commitment to holistic learning, personalised development, the whole child and the unique requirements of every child in the school then i believe teachers and educators need to develop approaches and strategies that support such students. The evidence suggests that if we can get it right, these students have a great deal to contribute.


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