1,000th Blog Post

That last post was, I am reliably informed, the 1,000th post I’ve put on to this blog in about six and a half years.

When I started it back in 2009 I really knew very little about blogging and had a fairly hazy idea about what I wanted to achieve. I was intrigued by the idea that blogging offered the scope to engage and share thoughts, ideas and materials with any number of people. It struck me as very useful that material that was beneficial n the professional development and learning of teachers could be shared at a time that was convenient to me and accessed whenever and wherever was convenient for the teacher.

I was also intrigued by the scope to use the blog to make myself accessible and available to a far larger cohort of parents than I could ever engage with otherwise. It’s heartening that as time goes on there are still many teachers and parents from schools where I’ve been engaged n the past who use the blog as a way of keeping in touch long after I’ve moved on.

I’ve always believed that educators are, naturally, sharers of knowledge, ideas and thoughts. I’m grateful to WordPress and the platform they give me to do that on a bigger scale. I’m also grateful to all those who read and follow the blog, both those who have done so for years and newcomers.

Many choose to write me emails in response to articles i write and post. If I had one request it is that you can go ahead and comment on the blog itself. Firstly, i can personally vouch that the kind of people finding time to read this blog are not the kind who bite! They are curious, inquiring, learning people – just like you. More comments on the blog posts will enable more people to benefit and engage. I don’t want to have a monopoly on writing here! lso, I won’t feel lonely if I know you’re out there !



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