School Lunch

I think school lunches matter.

There are a number of reasons;

Firstly, in the way that most schools structure their days there is precious little time for the school to come together as a community informally – lunch is one such occasion. Next, the fact that all sit down together, to eat together the same food is a great leveler and teaches children to value each other and the other people around them. There’s pretty damning evidence that the average child’s diet at home and outside the school day is not serving them well, especially where they are making the majority of the decisions. Therefore, school provided, nutritionally balanced meals really make a difference.

An additional and very important reason is because sitting down to a pre-ordained meal in the school teaches children to ‘eat to live’, rather than getting tempted in to ‘living to eat’ and also encourages them out of fussy eating habits and narrowly defined food choices. Tragically, in an Indian context, I’ve seen examples of youngsters whose food tastes became so narrowly defined that they were rendered almost incapable of going to study overseas.

As this article highlights, the quality of the meals provided does matter and it is important that the rigorous work is done with nutritionists etc. to make sure that the meals given really contribute to better health for the children;

New York Times – The Real Problem With Lunch


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