Learning to Learn Well

If, in education, what we really care about is learning – then why do we spend so little time training, refining, giving feedback on and advancing the skills and techniques of learning? My suspicion has long been that when the early models of education were set up, it was meant to be a filtering system – and a filtering system that has everyone succeeding isn’t at all effective. So, if some accidentally had effective study and learning techniques, they succeeded. And, bad luck for the rest.

Whatever the reasons, they need no longer apply. This was actually one of the issues that motivated me to move in to the education field, based upon my own experiences in school and college when i was trying to figure out how to be an effective learner, largely without assistance. I believe today, we have a duty to share best practices and knowledge about the learning process with every student – ariming them with the skills to make themselves the best learners they can be.

Here’s an interesting, short article from Inc.com, written for adults, but setting out five practical steps that can be applied by learners of any age;

Inc.com – 5 Super Efficient Ways to Learn More in Less Time

I firmly believe that as students master the skills of learning effectively, they’re more likely to maintain interest and motivation, more likely to want to learn more and more likely to develop the habits that will see them become lifelong learners.

Happy Learning !!!


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