Disruptive Innovation Clarity

I’ve written a few times in the past about Dr Clayton Christensen and his ideas on disruption, especially those related to education – which he talked about in his book ‘Disrupting Class’.

Many have made the mistake of seeing this term as applying to any innovation that comes in to a market that makes a product or product class better, thereby enabling more profit to be made from existing customers. Rather, it is more specific. The disruptive innovation takes a complex, expensive product or service available to a narrowly defined market segment, innovates it so that it is made available to a much larger population.

He explains it very well in this video;

I believe we have a classic example arriving in India with the announcement from Sal Khan and Ratan Tata about offering Khan Academy material packaged for the local market, in local languages. I think the likelihood is that the disruption will be felt more in the tuition sector than schools.


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