The MBA as a qualification is in serious trouble. The best ones cost a fortune to obtain whilst the weaker ones really aren’t worth the cost of the print on the certificate. I’m always interested in good book/ reading lists, so was very happy when I came across this one – a list of alternative books to read over a year that will give you everything an MBA could give, at a fraction of the cost.

The Hustle – Read These Books Instead of an MBA

Three of the books on the list I’ve already read (though one such a long time ago it’s due a re-read). Two others were already on my ‘to be read soon’ list, so now a few more get added.

I think, though the article doesn’t say it specifically, the value compared to doing an MBA from reading these books won’t come from just simply a passive skimmed read. I think it needs to be a far more engaged, active process, probably involving making notes after each chapter – especially where the ideas generated can be linked to direct experiences professionally.

We all get a bit of free time around this time of year – a good idea to spend at least a bit of it reading to enrich our minds.


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