Being a Maker, Not Just a Manager

An interesting perspective on managing time effectively in our busy working lives, from an employee of Google. I understand it started out as something he shared with colleagues within the company, that then in time reached a wider audience.

Fast Company - Google Email About Time Management Strategy

I'm sure that some reading this are going to perceive that their ability to apply the ideas depends on the extent to which they have control over their own time in the workplace. There's no doubt that some people, in some roles, have limited time over which they have planning flexibility. Also, some will consider that the extent of their freedom depends on the extent to which others have power and authority over their time.

However, I've sometimes challenged myself to be really blunt with myself about whether this can sometimes be an excuse. If it meant better quality work and deliverables, are we really not in a position to negotiate our control over our time?

Something to ponder on during the seasonal break.


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